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PR Number:PR-006599Publish Date:25/06/2020
Client: MEW Contract #:MEW / 5474 – 2019 - 2020

Tender Requirements:

    • Ductile iron pipes shall comply with ISO 2531 and shall have cement mortar lining to AWWA C104.
    • Pipes shall be manufactured by the centrifugal casting process with push-in socket and Spigot joints the joints shall permit pipes to be deflected angularly by up to 2° axially
    • For diameters up to 900mm and by up to 1.5° axially for diameters over 900mm.
    • Pipes shall be Class K9. Pressure ratings of pipes (and fittings) shall be determined in Accordance with BS EN545. Pipes shall be capable of sustaining the pressures detailed in BS8010 Part 2.1
    • Where pipes are specified to be “gauged” or “sized” they shall be suitable for cutting on Site. Such pipes shall have the tolerance required on the external diameter to suit the Joint applicable over the full length of the barrel. Such pipes shall be clearly marked
    • “Gauged for cutting on site”.
    • (Refer Tender Specifications Section 5(V), Parts 7 to 13, Clause 8.2.1)
    • Ductile iron fittings should comply with ISO 2531 to withstand the specified pressures.

    • Fittings shall be Class K12. Tees shall be Class K14. Fittings shall be capable of sustaining the pressures detailed in BS8010.

    • Joints at fittings shall be flanged / push on or (bolted gland) mechanical joints except for Collars, Socket Flange Pieces and fitting intended for connecting with existing lines which shall be of the Mechanical Joint Type

    • Mechanical joints shall be (bolted gland) type supplied with rubber gasket and bolts. Glands should be ductile iron of the same quality as the fitting and shall be supplied with a bituminous coating of thickness not less than 100 microns. On a fixed spot on the outside of each gland the manufacturers name or identification mark, date of manufacture and nominal diameter shall be marked.

    • Bolts for use with bolted gland joints shall be spheroidal graphite in accordance with BS 2789 Grade 500/7.

    • Self-anchored couplings and flange adapters shall not be used for transmission of axial loads.

    • In addition to the requirements of ISO2531 each pipe, fitting and valve shall be indelibly marked over any factory-applied coating with the letters M.O.E, the Contract number and a unique reference number to enable items to be correlated to works fabrication records, works test certificates, delivery notes and the like. Wherever possible, the marks shall be painted both on the inside and outside of pipes and fittings close to one end which, in the case of pipes and fittings with socket and spigot joints, shall be the socket end. Marking shall be at least 50mm high. (25mm on valves and small items).

    • (Refer Tender Specifications Section 5(V), Parts 7 to 13, Clause 8.2.2)


    Minimum Terms & Conditions:


    • Basis of Pricing – Unit price required in KD or US$ on DDP basis.
    • Offer to show itemized Manufacturer’s name and Country of Origin.
    • Validity of offer shall be for minimum 90 days from the date of offer and shall be automatically renewed.
    • Your Quote shall include Payment terms and Warranty details.
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