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Maintenance Overview

HOTECC’s 41 years of engineering & maintenance practice have resulted in a solid foundation of experience and technical expertise. Founded in 1974, the company continues to offer its clients some of the most skilled professionals in the country. At HOTECC, we believe that the success of any project is a direct result of the ability of its management staff to plan the work and then work the plan. Therefore, we have always paid special attention to project management that emphasizes on quality control, timeliness and cost efficiency which are the cornerstones to client satisfaction, our ultimate goal.

We believe that specializing leads to perfection and because of 60% of our business is related to Oil industry, we share with our clients their problems and can better relate to their concerns and worries. 

We appreciate that it is essential that day to day operations run smoothly in an increasingly complex industry. A safe, hazard-free and efficient physical plant is a critical part of the operation from all prospective: quality control, functionality and overall productivity.

HOTECC have executed numerous maintenance contracts which includes, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation for Refineries, Power Plants, Petrochemical and Oil Fields Drilling and Production facilities for State Owned Oil/Gas/Petrochemical & Power Generation Companies. Also HOTECC executed many Civil & Building maintenance with minor construction projects for Govt. Ministries and Institutions.