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  • HOT ECC is one of the few qualified contractors in Kuwait for trenchless technique that has considerable experience in this field, which enable us to define method of executing the assignment according to several factors such as soil conditions, required depth, size of pipes and types of utilities with maximum accuracy and on time without any destructive for the upper ground layers & keeping the safety and quality as our top priority.
  • HOTECC is a leading specialist in Micro tunneling, conventional pipe jacking and thrust boring works, HOTECC has executed trenchless works for different underground utilities (sewages lines, storm water pipes, water supply pipes, steel sleeve pipes for crude oil lines and cable ducts).
  • HOTECC can be executed trenchless technique for pipes diameter ranging from 200mm to 2000mm.

Major Trenchless achievements: 

  1. 600 – 1000mm dia. ductile pipes 225 meter length at 8mr depth for Contract No. RA/187- at South of Surah Area.
  2. 700mm dia. steel pipes (For carrier pipes 200 - 400mm dia.) 1,500 meter length at 10mr depth for Contract No. SE/45 -Rabiya Renovation Project.
  3. 600 - 700mm dia. polymer concrete pipes 1,380 meter length at 14mr depth for Contract No. SE/45 – Rabiya Renovation Project.
  4. 900-1600mm dia. pipe 3,120 meter length for Contract No. SE/11- Water Supply Project at 6th Ring Road.  
  5. 1600- 1800mm dia. Concrete pipes 850 meter for Contract No. RA/ 155 – Storm water pipes at Amghara Area.
  6. 900- 1400mm dia. Polymer concrete Pipes 525meter length for Contract No. 33851 (KOC Areas).
  7. 34”- 48” dia. different types of Pipes 2850 meter length for Contract No. SE/23/96-97 –Sewerage Renovation Project at Jahra & Doha Areas.
  8. 10” – 48” dia. different types of pipes 650 meter length for (KOC) Projects.