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Project Profile

Owner: Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

Client: GS Engineering & Construction

Project Dates: 2012 - 2015

Contract Value: 27,843,610 KD
Project Description

      Through the Wara Pressure Maintenance Project, Kuwait Oil Company to provide pressure support for the Wara formation in the Burgan field as well as handle the increasing effluent water produced in the South East Kuwait (SEK) Fields. WPMP will have provision to inject 1,000,000 BWPD of treated produced water into 220 injection wells throughout the Burgan field. However, under the current scope of work, flow lines and associated instrumentation systems will be installed for connecting only 90 new injection wells with a maximum injection capacity of 450,000 BWPD. Some of the existing facilities associated with the existing Effluent Water Disposal Project (EWDP) will be utilized. The produced water from the 14 gathering centers (GC) and the North and South Tank farms that are currently feeding the two central Effluent Water Disposal Plants (EWDP-1 and EWDP-2) along with water from a collection of new source wells will provide the feedstock for the new WPMP facility.