Tender Profile

PR Number:PR-009186Publish Date:23/06/2021
Tender Title:MOV
Client: MEW Contract #:MEW/C/5504-2020/2021

Tender Requirements:


    • Manufacturers as per KOC VEC List with restrictions on country of origin (Europe, USA & Japan) as per our contract.
    • Specifications as per the contract reference document 11802-CMN-SPC-IN-003 Rev.1
    • Material certification for Actuator shall be BS EN10204 type 3.1
    • Actuator shall be SIL 2 certified
    • Please consider the below as an optional price in your offer:
      Valve pressure containing parts in compliance with BS EN10204 type 3.2.
    • Basis of Pricing – Unit price required in KD or US$ on DDP basis
    • System shall be from KOC approved Vendor list  and Country of Origin must be  US, Europe  or Japan.
    • Validity of offer shall be for minimum 90 days from the date of offer and shall be automatically renewed.
    • Your Quote shall include Payment terms and Warranty details.
    RFQ.procurement@hotecc.com; gigin.george@hotecc.com