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PR Number:PR-0121456Publish Date:01/06/2021
Tender Title:UPS

Tender Requirements:


    230V/AC/ UPS & BATTERIES (UPS - 1001/Dual 45 KVA/240V-50Hz) - 1 SET

    110V/DC/ UPS & BATTERIES (UPS- 1002/Dual 110 V DCCharger) - 1 SET

    MEW Approvals required

    Applicable Specification
    Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW), Kuwait - Contract Specifications & KOC Specifications for UPS.

    Following documents need to be submitted to obtain approvals from Client :
    1) GA Drawing and schematic for the UPS.
    2) Type test certificate for similar UPS.
    3) Stamped copy of Compliance to contract specs.
    4) Filled Signed & Stamped Data Sheet.
    5) ITP for FAT
    6) FAT Procedure
    7) SAT Procedure

    Materials shall have a Warranty for 12 Months from the date of commissioning or 18 Months from the date of delivery whichever is earlier.

    Manufacturer Warranty Certificate shall be submitted along with the material delivery.

    If required, HOTECC reserves the right to appoint a Third Party Inspection (TPI) at HOTECC cost. Vendor shall also provide free access to TPI /MEW/HOTECC representative for Inspection or witness the Inspection at Manufacturer's facility,


    Basis of Pricing – Unit price required in KD or US$ on DDP basis

    ◦Quoted prices shall include operations & commissioning spares as per the specification

    ◦Deviation to the specification shall be addressed/ highlighted

    ◦Validity of offer shall be for minimum 60 days from the date of offer and shall be automatically renewed.

    ◦Your Quote shall include Payment terms and Warranty details.

    •Preferred Mode of Payment: LC payable at 90 days

    •INCO TERMS: DDP Basis

    RFQ.procurement@hotecc.com.​ Attention Mr. Gigin George (gigin.george@hotecc.com).
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